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Highland Park Car Show

June 24, 2007

60 Chevy @ Fig and 56Today is the Highland Park Car Show for 2007. For over twenty years, the Highland Park Car Show hosted by Good Times Car Club, and featured in Lowrider Magazine, has taken place on North Figueroa between Avenue 52 and Avenue 57. This car show focuses on the art of lowrider cars: chrome and gold plated domestically-manufactured sedans with insane paint jobs, upholstery, hydraulics and booming sound-systems. The show also features a great display of lowrider bikes and model cars created by the kiddies.

The weird thing about this show is, unless you happen to be in a car club or notice the no parking signs on Figueroa the day before the show, the local residents never know it’s happening, until about 6am on Sunday morning when we get rousted from our sleep by the sound of thumping bass, engines revving, horns honking, and ranflas cranking their sirens, as the cars line up outside to get in place for the car show. And though, we have come to expect it sometime on a Sunday in June, its never exactly set. Last year for instance, it was the Sunday after father’s day. The year before that, it was the Sunday before father’s day. Why don’t they post posters or notify the neighbors at least? Maybe, I’m just too far out of the loop…

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