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The Train Took Us There 10.02.09

October 2, 2009

In honor of the 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, a special Eagle Rock Edition of The Train Took Us There.

1273 on 5 line near Eagle Rock & Colorado on 5-10-55. AKWeeks photo

LARy 5 Line near Eagle Rock & Colorado on 5-10-55. AKWeeks photo from The Metro Archive. (Note the same Knudsen Dairy sign to the right is just like the one found on the building on Monte Vista & Avenue 52, and the Parkinson-designed Security First National Bank like the one on Figueroa and Avenue 56.)

In 1955, Eagle Rock was the end of the line for the Los Angeles Railway’s longest route, the 5 Line. The route went from here at Colorado Blvd. (until 1948 it went from Townsend.) to Downtown Los Angeles along Broadway, then West along Jefferson and Santa Barbara (Martin Luther King Boulevard) to Crenshaw through Leimert Park, and down to the Hawthorn.  In the extra-wide median that runs from Townsend down Eagle Rock Blvd. past the shuttered stretches of Glassell Park before heading over to Cypress Park is where the 5 Line ran. The 3500 block of Eagle Rock Blvd. in Glassell Park that looks so desolate today was once a jostling and vibrant village developed around the easily accessibility to transit in the form of this streetcar line.

Where the 5 Line ran down Eagle Rock Blvd.

Where the 5 Line ran down Eagle Rock Blvd near Colorado Blvd. today.

I am especially wishing this streetcar could still take us there this weekend for the 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. Although Metro usually does a good job getting out the word about taking metro to a large event, or at least informing riders here about what bus lines will be altered for a street event. They completely failed at mentioning it. No notices, no advice, nothing.

So in their place, I’ll make a few unguaranteed suggestions for getting to this year’s Eagle Rock Music Fest: 1.} Ride a bike there. (Sorry, no bike valet, bring a lock.) 2.} Take the 81, 84, 180, 181, 780 Metro Bus or LADOT Highland Park / Eagle Rock DASH to Eagle Rock & Colorado Blvd. I am assuming the buses that usually run on Colorado will detour to Yosemite Drive. 3.}If you absolutely have to drive, approach the event from Eagle Rock Blvd. NOT Colorado. By the time you reach Yosemite Drive, you should already be looking for parking.

The Eagle Rock Music Festival takes place along Colorado Blvd. from Eagle Rock Blvd. to Arrrrrgus. 4pm to 11pm on Saturday, Rocktober 3, 2009. FREE and All Ages as always.

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  1. October 2, 2009 9:57 am

    What a beautiful picture. The first one, I mean.

  2. October 4, 2009 5:13 am

    I like the way you return to the scene and reenact the shot. Really adds to it and I’m surprised how little things have changed.

  3. October 7, 2009 11:19 am

    Yeah, that’s what I really like about Northeast LA: Intentional and Passive Preservation. Instead of trying to reinvent itself, people who wanted The New moved farther out to the suburbs, or into the Westside, leaving the buildings and the main streets alone.

    What kills me about this picture is the evidence in the background of the Parkinsons-designed Security First National Bank building where today stands a Blockbuster Video store and a strip mall.

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