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Happy Bike To Work Day 2010

May 20, 2010

The third Thursday of May is today, meaning it is Bike-to-Work Day!

NELAites and other cyclist gather on the steps of City Hall for Bike-to-Work Day 2007. Photo by TinCanOrange via Flickr.

Across The US and Canada today, bicycle commuters will be out celebrating the 54th annual Bike-to-Work Day. Here in Los Angeles there will be FREE rides on most public transit including, DASH Buses, and Metro trains and buses for bicyclists with bikes or helmets. There will also be Pit Stops set up during the commuting hours with lots of free food, drinks, and swag. (Sorry, none in Northeast LA this year.)

While it may be just one day out of the year for some people to bike to work, most will end the day wishing they had done it more often. Feeling invigorated for being outside, exercising, enjoying our California sunshine, and creating less of a need for oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today is a day to dream of The Netherlands. Not of going to The Netherlands. But of being The Netherlands. Videos like the ones from This Dutch videographer get city cyclist such as myself all weepy when we see them:

H/T to Streetsblog.

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