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The Front Yards of 90042

June 29, 2010

"Rancho Desgarrado do Pago" (Stray horse ranch). Portuguese Ranchers at 4946 Meridian Street in Highland Park.

This front yard found just north of York Blvd. near Occidental College reminds us that in the midst of urbania, our home if not our castle, can at least be our own ranch in the frontier of the wild west of Los Angeles.

The use of weathered wood, wagon wheels and discarded farm implements from another era is nothing uncommon in 90042. Many homes here use antiques from the old west for decoration and fencing.  Not sure about what era using such things became popular (maybe in the 1950s with the popularity of Westerns on TV and in movies?).  But like the yucca plants of the 1960s or queen palms of today, the Western / Frontier look took hold in Highland Park, and this home at 4946 Meridian Street is the best example of that.

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  1. June 29, 2010 10:29 pm

    The answer to this question may be obvious, but do you need owner’s permission for photos of their home? Also, I want you to know that your blog inspires elements of my new Eagle Rock based blog. Thank you

  2. mark permalink
    June 30, 2010 2:24 pm

    No. You absolutely don’t need the owner’s permission to post a picture of the front of their house. Heck Google Maps has a picture of the front of everybody’s house, well at least everybody in Los Angeles. You can pretty much take a picture of anybody and anything that is out in public. If people don’t like it they can stay home and build a wall around their house.

    • July 1, 2010 12:23 am

      Ah, thanks for the clarification mark. I never thought about what Google Maps does. This may or may not change what I decide to photograph. Thanks again.

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