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Hoodlum Afternoons With Reverand Dan

January 22, 2011

Reverend Dan at The Little Cave

Highland Park, and Northeast Los Angeles is blessed with many fine watering holes. One particular hole is actually a cave, as in The Little Cave on Figueroa Street. Opened in 2003, The Little Cave is the Highland Park outpost for the 1933 Group, whose chain of thematic bars would make Clifford Clinton smile, and maybe even frequent if he wasn’t Mormon and dead.

Open seven nights a week, each night comes with its own particular theme or DJ, and never a cover charge. There’s Sundays with DJ JesC, Karaoke Mondays, Tuesdays with Highland Parker, DJ Sweet Caroline spinning 80’s tunes, Kick Out The Jams Wednesdays with the cheapest drinks of the week, Thursdays are the legendary Free Tacos Night, Fridays feature surprise DJ’s, and Saturday Nights belong to DJ Mike Angelo. But this post is about one DJ unlike any other, the prodigal son of Long Beach, lost Los Angeles amusement park historian, new Montecito Heights resident, long-time KXLU DJ and host of America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Show “Music For Nimrod’s,” –the one-and-only, Reverend Dan.

Starting back in October, Reverend Dan started DJ-ing the “Happy Hour” on Saturday afternoons at the Little Cave. On Saturday, starting at 5pm when drinks are a dollar off, Rev. Dan plays much of the good ole Rock-N-Roll that you can hear on his weekly radio show on 88.9FM at 3AM on Saturday morning after hitting the all-night diners while you try to sober up. The music and drinks are loud. -Just as the lord intended them to be, and so conveniently close, it’s pathetic.

Reverend Dan also has a genuine rock-n-roll band that reflects his fine taste and influences in music and genres: The Bloody Brains. Seen playing around NELA in recent months, the Bloody Brains are playing this very day (Saturday) at The Little Cave starting at 7pm!

The Little Cave
5922 North Figueroa Street
Highland Park, California 90042

Happy Hours 5-9pm.

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  1. January 23, 2011 8:14 pm

    Thank you very much for the kind words and photo! I had no idea how creepy I could look as “Count Revvula” on Halloween!

  2. January 25, 2011 10:34 pm

    My pleasure sir!

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