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Does Julio Live Here?

April 10, 2008

2AM, sound asleep, woken by loud tapping. I think, “What the hell?” First thought is that our toddler Highland Parker, is creating anarchy in her crib. But no, these taps sound too ‘Adult’ to be her. So I leap out of bed and stumble to the front door to find its the LAPD tapping at my window with their flashlights.

I open my front door and peer out the crack-house screen door. “Is Julio here?”


“Does Julio live here?”

“No.” “No just me, and my wife, and baby.”

“Oh, sorry.”

This was a fitting end of a day filled with LAPD. Earlier, I had called in a report of hooligan Burbank Middle School taggers that were tagging their way home from school. I followed them for a few blocks until they saw a LAPD gang unit had some guys pulled over and ran the other way. I gave up and went back home, and then flagged down another LAPD gang unit, and told them about my call. They turned around and headed over to where I last saw the kids. A half hour later, I got a call back regarding my first call. By then all the kids were home from school. Well that was wonderful excersise in futility.

Later that evening, I went for a bike ride up to Caltech, to catch the Stephen Hawking lecture, on my return I was running red lights as I typically do on my bike and happen to cross right as that same LAPD gang unit I flagged down earlier was coming up the street. Ugg. Luckily, they kept driving… sparing me from a possible $250 ticket.

Later that night, after the policia left I laid in bed all amped up on wasted adrenaline wondering, “Could it be be they were looking for Julio Ramos (who’s mail I get every week) that lives at our exact address on the south side of our Avenue, rather than the north side, where we live????” No, the rookies at Northeast LAPD, wouldn’t make that simple mistake, would they?? I guess I should be glad they didn’t go over to the nearby LAPD museum and pull out the Batteram.

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