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Summertime And The Living is Easy…

June 21, 2008

Summer is here. The current temperature on my porch is at 97ºF, school is out, the lawn needs to be mowed more than once every two weeks, children are chasing down paleteros, and the soft-serve ice cream truck, the frutas man can be seen pushing home his completely sold out cart, and every night leading up to 4th of July is punctuated by areal fireworks explosions in the neighborhood. Doughboy pools, inflatable kiddie pools, slip and slides, sprinklers, or just a water hose, it don’t matter, just get the kids wet and let them stay cool. It’s summertime.

For me, summertime comes with less money, and a bounty of precious free time. So here are a few freebie fun things to do in and around Highland Park over the next couple of Summer months:

Last night we kicked off summer with a free outdoor concert at Caltech, with I See Hawks in LA. It was a fun time under the stars, on the lawn outside the giant wedding cake known as the Beckman Auditorium. Such a warm night, I couldn’t help from wishing I had some Martian ice to cool off with.

A couple of weeks ago was the rocking annual Lummis Day festival in Sycamore Grove Park, that gets better every year.

Today, June 21, is Make Music Pasadena , a city-wide free concerts event from 11AM to 10PM, centered around Memorial Park’s Levitt Pavilion. Great music from The Ravonettes, Kinky, Nortec Collective, Autolux, and my favorite’s Dengue Fever.

Then there is Tomorrow’s June 29th’s annual Highland Park Car Show on Figueroa. Never really announced but merely predicted. (I think I saw or may have dreamed seeing some sort of an announcement of this on the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council’s news feed.) This means LOWRIDERS LOWRIDER LOWRIDERS! A great car show for that genre of car culture, metal flake paint, chrome, mirrored hoods, rookas, homies, vatos, ranflas, hynas, lowrider bicycles, lowrider model cars, booming sound systems, and hydraulics, don’t forget the hydraulics. For those of us who live in the so-called Highland Park Transit District, this means waking up Sunday morning to the sound of antique sirens and booming car audio bass, as the cars line up at 6am to get in place for the show. Luckily, I plan to wake up early to pack, and head for the beach.

Then the Carnies come to town with the 3 day Carnival at the Highland Park Recreation Center over June 27-28-29.

But that will be just a preview of when the real circus comes to town: Cirque Berzerk. Performing their show titled Berzerk at the nearby Cornfield (AKA Los Angeles State Historic Park) at 1245 N. Spring Street, on July 24-27th.

Then there are all the annual summer concert events, like Santa Monica’s Thursday pier concerts, California Plaza downtown, Pershing Square’s noontime shows, $1 tickets at the Hollywood Bowl. And the outdoor movies at Hollywood Cemetery, One Colorado, and various clandestine outdoor film showings throughout Los Angeles.

I will write more events when I think of them. As for now, I’m off to buy watermelon.

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  1. June 22, 2008 7:26 am

    Woke up this Sunday morning to… silence. This worried me. Then I discovered that I was a week off. Thanks to the ASNC Alert News for setting me straight, Here are the details for the Highland Park Car Show next week:

    25th Annual Highland Park Car Show on Figueroa Street, between
    Avenue 52 and Avenue 57.

    The show has grown tremendously and attracts people
    from Northeast L.A and communities beyond. The
    individual fee to enter a car is $25. Call for booth
    or business quote. Deadline to register is June 20.
    Admission is free to the public. For more information
    or to register, call (323) 620-1298 or (323)254-3766.

  2. Ana permalink
    August 23, 2008 12:42 am

    I don’t get the phrase “luckily, I’ll be at the beach”. And you’re wrong: implying that the car owners are gang types is a flawed point of view. Those car owners are so ready to tell you their stories about there cars. tje reasons they restored, and how they did it. Whatever happened to good old fashioned conversation? I had the good fortune to stumble on the car show last year and appreciated the time and care put into the restoration of the old cars featured. Everybody was very friendly…really! Why so afraid to immerse yourselves into something sub-culturally different?

  3. August 25, 2008 11:06 am

    “Luckily I’ll be at the beach,” refers to my plan wake up early on my own volition, rather than be woken up by the cars, and leave to go relax at the beach. (The original plan didn’t work tho, I was a week off.)

    As far as referring to the car owners as “Gang types,” I did no such thing, and don’t really understand how you may have read this.

    I collect and restore classic cars myself, and go to car shows regularly. The Highland Park Car Show is a highlight of the year for our neighborhood. My only gripe is being woken up without warning at 6am on a Sunday morning by the booming cars lining up for the show.

    Check out my appreciative Flickr photos here.

  4. Ana permalink
    August 28, 2008 2:34 pm

    Walter, your reference to rookas, homies, vatos, and hynas recognizes terms that are almost exclusively used by gang members and those with whom they are friends, i.e Father Boyle and other social workers. I know this from trainings about and actual interactions with these members of the LA community. Watch how you use these terms. You might be judged wrongly. Thanks for your clarifications. I get now that you meant no disrespect nor were you being derogatory.

  5. Carol Colin permalink
    August 22, 2018 10:11 am

    Hi – I just got this and one other old post from 90042 in my inbox. Hopes were raised that you are writing again! Any idea why this happened?

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