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The Magnificent Reed

September 8, 2008

Organic tomatoes, avocados and peppers, oh my!

Right now, (YES, NOW) the Reed Avocado is in season. If you like avocados, (what am I saying, of course you do) the magnificent and wonderful humongous Reed Avocado can be had for the next couple weeks at Highland Park’s Old L.A. Farmer’s Market.

These bowling balls of guacamole goodness are in season for only about a month, and that month happens to be this month, September. Not only is the Reed a giant avocado (one will feed a family of five), it has a creamy smooth flavor, and holds its ripeness for a long time. Much unlike its popular year-round cousin the Haas, that can go from a rock to a black rancid mess in two days.

Santiago Soto, OLAFM’s organic farmer is selling these beauties for $3 a piece, or $5 for two. The Old L.A. Farmer’s Market is held each and every Tuesday, from 3 to 8, outside the Highland Park Gold Line station, on Marmion Way, and Avenue 58, in the heart of Highland Park.

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