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Sunday Funday

June 4, 2010

The Los Angeles River Bike Path from Vernon.

For whatever reason, this Sunday, June 6th there are THREE great and worthy events happening simultaneously.

The first one, is the 10th Annual Los Angeles River Ride. This annual fun and fundraising bicycle ride is organized by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) and tours Los Angeles’ most overlooked and bike friendly locales, the Porciuncula River, or more commonly The Los Angeles River. While Ray Bradbury would rather see it turned into a freeway, anyone who has spent time exploring our paved and channeled waterway knows it’s a place of wonder and beauty, where ever tenacious nature refuses to cease despite human intervention otherwise.

There will be a Kids Ride, Family Ride, 36 Mile Ride, 50 Mile Ride, 70 Mile Ride and a 100 Mile Century Ride that tours around Griffith Park to Toluca Lake, down to the end of the river and back. The first ride starts at 7am outside the Autry Center in Griffith Park. The rides range in price from free to $65 and benefit LACBC.

Having just rode the LA River a couple of weeks ago, I am happy to report that over the past month, the County of Los Angeles has re-paved over 13 miles of the LA River bike path from Imperial Highway to the sea. Making for a smooth and glass-free ride. (As far as the streets of Vernon, Boyle Heights, Chinatown, and Frogtown, the conditions may vary.)

Vista Hermosa Park soccer field.

The next event for Sunday is Highland Park-based Outpost for Contemporary Art‘s inaugural Outpost Cup. What better way to get into the mood for this month’s World Cup than a day of futbol and art in support of the arts!

The event combines performance art, music, and competitive sport in an effort to raise funds in support of Outpost’s two-year project to bring South American artists to Los Angeles in their South American Artist Residency Cycle.

The cost is only $3 and takes place at one of L.A.’s newest and most striking parks, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority’s Vista Hermosa Park. Kick off of this tournament is at 8:30am and goes until 6pm.

Our hero, Mr. Charles Lummis in 1897.

The main event for Sunday has to be the 5th Annual Lummis Day.

The annual celebration of all things Charles Fletcher Lummis (except for the Bacchanalian part) will take place starting at 10:30 on Sunday, June 6th at the Lummis Home “El Alisal” on Avenue 43. The festival features poetry, arts, music, dancing, food, and performance. Always a great party for the people of Northeast Los Angeles. And twice as nice at all the price… FREE!

This year the main part of the festival doesn’t take place at Sycamore Grove Park as it has in previous years, but at nearby Heritage Square. The location is a more quaint and interesting venue, but with an accessibility problem being located on a dead-end street without much car parking. Do yourself a favor and leave your automobile at home and take the metro, or a free shuttle bus. a bicycle or do what Charlie Lummis would have done. –Walk there!

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