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The Front Yards of 90042 (Spooktacular Edition)

October 28, 2010



What is it about the newer neighborhoods of 90042 and their lack of holiday spirit? This home in Arroyo View Estates was the spookiest one I could find. (And with front yards this small can they really be called Estates?) The Vampire Micky is a little frightening. I have been a victim of that mouse sucking my wallet dry from time to time. But what is with that caged door? Is it to keep people out or to protect us from what lies inside?


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  1. Will Campbell permalink
    October 28, 2010 2:22 pm

    Sadly this year, next to no one else on my Silver Lake block is in the Halloween spirit, much less anywhere near the Ghoulgeek I am. Maybe it’s that it’s on a Sunday. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe I’m getting too old to do stuff like this (and for little more than the handful of trick-or-treaters I get):

    Never! I’m particularly proud of our front yard this year (replete with new upstairs glow-in-the-dark goblin), but most of my neighbors just look at me and the place kind of sideways.

    Sigh. I do love Halloween so.

  2. October 31, 2010 9:08 am

    Unbelievable what passes for an estate these days. My aunt is an occupant in a mobile estate in Glendora. Love this series

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